My project for Wanna x Yam Game Jam 2022 with the theme "combination". My entry will be a combination of Idle Game and Working Simulator.  In this game you will play a boss micromanaging his/her staff.  

Firefox Browser? Go Full-Screen before entering the game. Otherwise your viewing direction will go crazy.

Note: Fullscreen Button sometimes messes with my ingame texts. Just reload then.


Developed by Daniel Wichterich.

"Programmer" ( by Jan Bláha is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Isometric office" ( by Companion_Cube is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Business lady" ( by Jan Bláha is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Pet headcrab" ( by Jan Bláha is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Lumberjack" ( by Jan Bláha is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

Rated 2.4 out of 5 stars
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AuthorIndifferent Penguin
TagsIdle, Incremental, Working Simulator

Development log


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I know this game isnt finished, but what else are you planning on adding? Are coffee and hiring women the only things we can do at the moment?


i am open for ideas :) what other office related activities can you think of?

Woah, Really? Well, if you consider my ideas, I can make a list of office related things.

For instance..

Trash removal, Making the coffee, signing papers, giving out papers, different employees that do different things besides monitoring a man with a toilet on his screen (No hate at all, I find it funny.)

If you do consider other employees, maybe walking around to make sure they are working, or to upgrade them with the points made with the original man. 

I have more, however I feel as if I may be clouding your time. Thank you for considering my ideas, and have a great day! Also on another note, you dont need to add anything I put here. They are just ideas. You can change them however you like to fit the game.

LMAO the toilet on the computer really sold this for me! I love the slightly unsettling feeling the game has too, good game!!

Why is the camera rotating al the time? is annoying…


What do you mean? It should behave like any other first person game. You are using your mouse to look around. 

now i know what you mean :D it seems to be a bug in firefox


not a idle game


not yet: i just started yesterday :D


then dont label it a idle game


check the status. "under development". i labeled it idle game for that you know that it is going to be an idle game.